Ph.D. studentship

A Ph.D. position on marine microbiology (Integrative Biology Ph.D. program) at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA

The Ph.D. candidate will join a multidisciplinary team (marine microbiology, marine science, computational chemistry, engineering) investigating microbially influenced corrosion and biodegradation in the marine environment. The candidate’s research will focus on investigating microbial biofilms and their community composition and function related to corrosion/degradation of materials in the marine environment. The research will utilize experimental work with natural communities and culture isolates; techniques include amplicon sequencing, quantitative PCR, metagenomics and genomics, and a range of microscopic approaches.

Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree in Biology or a related field is required and a M.S. degree is preferred. Some coursework on microbiology is required and some research experience in microbiology and/or marine science is preferred, including experience and/or interest in learning bioinformatics. The candidate will start in the Fall of 2024.

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is on the southern coast of Massachusetts, USA, located about 58 miles south of Boston. The university has a research pier and seawater lab facilities with direct coastal access to the Western North Atlantic Ocean. The research will occur on main campus in the marine microbiology lab at the Biology Department (North Dartmouth) and in the biodegradability core lab facility at the School of Marine Science and Technology in New Bedford.

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Applications are being evaluated on the rolling basis and the evaluation will continue until the position has been filled.