Pia H. Moisander

Professor of Biology

Professor of Estuarine and Ocean Sciences

pmoisander at umassd dot edu

Department of Biology

School of Marine Science – Department of Estuarine and Ocean Sciences

On sabbatical in Spring 2024: University of Helsinki, Department of Microbiology

Graduate students

Lucy Manlick, MS student in Marine Biology

Microbial communities in microplastics. Metagenomics, flow cytometry. Lab’s outreach expert!



Emma Steedman, MS student in Marine Biology

Environmental controls of marine non-cyanobacterial diazotrophs



Undergraduate students

 Isabell Hunter, lab management




Alumni – graduate students

Kenneth Boyle, MS in Marine Biology 2o24

Thesis: Marine biofilm community assembly is driven by seasonality in the Western North Atlantic Ocean


Abhishek Naik, PhD, Marine Science and Technology 2024

Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Connecticut (Marine Sciences)

I am interested in how bacteria and eukaryotes respond to disturbance when they are a part of complex microbial communities. My research considers such communities within marine biofilms, and asks how strong local disturbance can alter biofilm development. We grow coastal biofilms in-situ, and disturb them using novel, sustainable antifouling technologies being developed by collaborating engineering groups. Can we discover patterns of community resistance or recovery to better understand the success of the biofilm lifestyle? Which biofilm organisms or organismal associations are particularly resistant, and which are crucial for community recovery? I address these questions using bulk biomass, amplicon sequencing, and  metagenomics approaches.

Stephanie Richard, M.S., Marine Biology, 2023. Thesis: Impact of Climate Change on Copepod Microbiome

Current position: Research Assistant, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA


Katyanne Shoemaker. PhD. Marine Science and Technology; M.S. in Marine Biology.

Current position: Research Biologist, NOAA

Ryan Nuttall. M.S. in Marine Science and Technology and M.S. in Marine Biology

Rosemary Scavotto. M.S. in Marine Biology

Sarah Holmes. M.S. in Marine Biology

Meaghan Daley. M.S. in Marine Science (UMass Boston) (co-advisee)